WIP – Three Projects in the Works

Three Projects in the works! Actually more but updating you on these beauties.

So excited to have more than three projects in the works, here are the top three! I know you will enjoy them and anticipate the final version as soon as the end result is achieved. Will keep you posted on my progress and as always appreciate your encouragement. In all ways.



RED is a work in progress using the finest oil paints to recreate this magnificent beauty for its owner. Oils take a tremendous amount of time if you have an eye for detail and create the many layers necessary to illuminate the artwork from within to last a lifetime.


Vintage – a WIP

Vintage is a project that I am working on. I was almost done with another version of this and spilled ink on it, and when I tried to ‘fix’ it I, unfortunately, damaged the paper. Here is the start of my re-do!


Vintage II – a WIP

Learning the anatomy of a face under the tutelage of Timothy John-Luke Smith. Enjoying the experience and of course the anatomy lesson!

“A Painting is finished when the Artist says it is finished.”
– Rembrandt


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