The Struggles of an Artist: Then and Now

Today's artists face unique challenges compared to those in the Renaissance period. Finding patrons has shifted from wealthy benefactors to ordinary customers, and the demand for originality now includes mass appeal. Criticism, once constructive and respectful, is now often destructive and rude. Despite modern tools and opportunities, artists contend with increased competition and stress.

Hello, fellow artists and art lovers.

The Struggles of an Artist Are Real

I’m sure you’ve all wondered how different life would be if you were born in another era, I certainly have. And let me tell you, being an artist today is not as easy as it seems.

Sure, we have more tools, opportunities, and freedom, but we also have more challenges, competition, and stress.

Don’t believe me? Let me compare the struggles of an artist today versus an artist in the Renaissance period.

Finding a Patron for an Artist in Today’s World is Difficult –

Struggle #1: Finding a Patron

Then: Back in the Renaissance, artists had patrons. Patrons were wealthy and influential people who supported artists financially and socially. They commissioned artworks, provided studios, sponsored exhibitions, and promoted artists’ reputations. Patrons were like fairy godmothers who made artists’ dreams come true.

Now: Today, artists must find their patrons. And by patrons, I mean customers. Customers are not wealthy and influential people who support artists financially and socially. They are ordinary people who buy artworks, sometimes at bargain prices, sometimes not at all. Customers are like online reviewers who can make or break artists’ careers.

Struggle #2: Creating Originality

Then: In the Renaissance, artists had to create original artwork. Originality was the mark of genius and innovation. Artists had to invent new styles, techniques, and forms of expression. They had to challenge the conventions and traditions of the past. They had to impress their patrons and peers with their creativity and skill.

Now: Today, artists must create and be original too, but uniqueness is not enough, Artists must create and originality sells. Originality that appeals to the masses. Originality that goes viral. Artists must follow the trends and fads of the present. They must please their customers and fans with their popularity and relevance.

Artists Face Difficulties with Criticism over Their Artwork –

Struggle #3: Dealing with Criticism

Then: In the Renaissance, artists had to deal with criticism, which was the feedback and evaluation of their work by experts and authorities. This was based on standards and criteria of quality and excellence. Criticism was constructive and respectful.

Now: Today, artists must deal with criticism too. However, today’s criticisms are not feedback and evaluation of their work by experts and authorities. Criticism is the opinion and reaction to their work by anyone and everyone. Criticism is based on personal taste and preference of likes and dislikes. Today, most criticism is destructive and rude.

Artist Humor –

A Little Humour

Here is a little humor to put it into perspective as well.

Q: How do you tell the difference between an artist today and an artist in the Renaissance?

A: An artist today has a website, an Instagram account, and a Facebook page. An artist in the Renaissance has a tombstone, a Wikipedia page, and a museum exhibit.

In Conclusion…

In reading today’s writings, what do you think of the struggles of an artist today versus an artist in the Renaissance period? Which one do you think is more challenging? Which one do you think is more rewarding? Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to my blog for more hilarious insights, or insightfulness into the life of an artist.

Hopefully, this information helps you to understand what many artists face today with creating and supporting their artwork. Above all, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

Hugs my friends,


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