The Makings of RED

RED copyright Art Entwined and A. Eyck-Klemanski. Painted in Oils on Canvas.

RED is a beautiful big sorrel horse that I had the pleasure of painting, this is a glimpse of how he was created and formed into the finished work of art.

RED is a subject I loved creating on canvas using high-quality oil paints and products. Because of the intense warmth of his coat and coloring, I decided to use a grey underpainting to calm the colors slightly, but at the same time allow me to keep certain areas intense.

Red was very well received by his loved ones, and I was extremely honored to have painted him for them. I received this high praise: “Abso-Effin-Lutely PERFECT, Angela! This is Emma’s Red to a ‘T;!!” – KWP

Those words touch my heart and make this painting of RED even that much more special.



  1. Angela, since I discovered this lovely page with The Stages of Creating ‘Red’, I love clicking through the photos showing some of the progression of your expertise … awesome how you combine talent, skill, and your unmistakeable depth of heart as you work. Always a joy to revisit! ❤️

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