Procrastination vs Embracing Productivity

We as artists explore the causes of procrastination, its impact on artists, and most importantly, effective strategies to overcome it. Let's dive in and unleash our creative potential!
A. Eyck-Klemanski with Art Entwined Digital Art copyright
Procrastination vs Embracing Productivity by A. Eyck-Klemanski

Procrastination: the ultimate nemesis of creativity.

As artists, we often find ourselves grappling with this all-too-familiar enemy, which can hinder our progress, dampen our inspiration, and prevent us from reaching our full potential. However, it’s time to break free from its grasp and embrace productivity.

In this blog post, we will explore the causes of procrastination, its impact on artists, and most importantly, effective strategies to overcome it. Let’s dive in and unleash our creative potential!

“If you can dream it you can do it!”

– Walt Disney

As artists, we need to understand the root cause. Procrastination is not merely laziness; it has deeper roots that are often overlooked. As artists, we may face a range of underlying reasons for procrastination, such as fear of failure, perfectionism, lack of motivation, or even being overwhelmed by the creative process itself.

Recognizing and understanding these causes is the first step toward combating procrastination.

To do this we can embrace mindset shifts. Shifting our mindset is crucial in conquering procrastination. Instead of viewing it as a personal flaw or weakness, we should see it as an opportunity for growth. By embracing a positive mindset, we can reframe our thoughts and see procrastination as a temporary setback, leading to self-reflection and personal improvement.

We, artists need to be setting clear goals and deadlines.

One of the most effective ways to combat procrastination is by setting clear, achievable goals and realistic deadlines. Break down your artistic projects into smaller, manageable tasks, and assign specific deadlines for each of them. This approach not only helps in overcoming overwhelm but also provides a sense of direction and purpose.

How to Set SMART Goals

Establishing a routine and consistency is key.

Establishing a routine that incorporates dedicated time for creativity can help overcome procrastination. By creating a daily or weekly schedule, you set aside dedicated blocks of time for your art. Treat these time slots as sacred, ensuring you honor them as you would any other commitment.

All of us should try to overcome perfectionism, as perfectionism often leads to paralysis and creative blocks.

Embrace the idea that art is a process, and mistakes or imperfections are a natural part of that journey. Allow yourself to create imperfectly, knowing that progress and growth come from continuous practice rather than a flawless end result.

Seek accountability and support.

Accountability can be a powerful tool in combating procrastination. Find an accountability partner, join an artist’s group, or seek out online communities where you can share your goals and progress. Engaging with others who face similar challenges can provide encouragement, motivation, and fresh perspectives.

Embrace productive breaks.

Taking breaks is essential for maintaining creativity and preventing burnout. However, it’s important to differentiate between productive breaks and unproductive distractions.

Engage in activities that inspire you, such as visiting art exhibitions, exploring nature, or even engaging in other forms of art. These breaks can rejuvenate your mind and spark new ideas, keeping your artistic journey fresh and exciting.

Be sure to celebrate small wins.

Recognize and celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small. Each completed task or milestone achieved is a step forward in your artistic journey. By acknowledging and rewarding your progress, you reinforce positive habits and create a cycle of motivation that helps overcome procrastination.

Therefore, procrastination is a hurdle every artist faces at some point in their creative journey. By understanding the root causes, embracing mindset shifts, setting clear goals, establishing routines, and seeking accountability, we can break free from its clutches.

Remember, progress is made one step at a time. So, let’s embark on a path of increased productivity, self-discovery, and artistic fulfillment.

Embrace the challenge, defeat procrastination, and unleash the true potential of your artistic abilities.

~ Angela

A. Eyck-Klemanski with Art Entwined Digital Art copyright
Success – Embracing Productivity by A. Eyck-Klemanski


  1. This is so on point and helpful! I’ve been thinking a lot about how to flip my procrastination into something positive. The quote that says procrastination is the nemesis of creativity. Wow! Thanks for sharing this!

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