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Dallas is a great place for artists to visit, live, and work. The city has a thriving arts scene, a diverse population, a supportive environment, and an affordable cost of living. If you are an artist looking for a place to create, Dallas is the place for you. Come visit and experience the creative energy of Dallas for yourself.

A great place to visit with a thriving Art Scene.

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Dallas Arts! Wow! I was very fortunate to have been able to visit Dallas, TX recently. What can I say except – WOW!

Dallas arts district is very diverse in numerous ways. It is definitely a vacation place for people, whether an artist or someone who appreciates the arts itself.

While walking downtown in the Art District we randomly found a sculpture of a giant eyeball (pictured left). It was definitely a bit wacky and weird, but at the same time, a definite must-see for those who go to Dallas in the future.

You can find this Giant Eyeball at 1601 Main Street in downtown Dallas.

Dallas Arts District: Reasons to Visit

There are numerous reasons to visit Dallas TX and the Dallas Arts. These are a few that will be helpful and evocative for you in deciding to visit the Dallas Arts.

  • There is a diverse population that showcases a wide range of cultures and perspectives. It is not just a ‘Cowboy’ town; this city is a thriving center for big business and the head offices of multiple corporations. The AT&T head offices are an eclectic mix of business and interactive art on multiple levels. Beautifully landscaped campus with creme de la creme of restaurants to please any foodies palate. Statues and structures showcasing artistic talent either individually or by teams. See below for a few photos of my experience there.
  • Dallas has a very supportive and affordable environment for artists and those who love the arts. It is a welcoming and friendly city that provides numerous resources and support. It is a city that is desirable with a lower cost of living than many other major cities. The City planning department has done a wonderful job with many green spaces throughout the city, designed as parks, concert centers, playgrounds, and thriving areas to meet for the afternoon or day.
  • You will find that Dallas has a vibrant mural scene, with murals covering the walls of buildings all over the city. Some of the most famous murals in Dallas can be found in Deep Ellum, a historic neighborhood that is home to a number of art galleries, music venues, and restaurants.

So Many Museums!

  • I found many museums to visit if you have the time and the inclination. There are science museums; interactive ones as well (at the time I was there they had an interactive Van Gogh exhibit); and sculpture to name a few. I did visit the Nasher Sculpture Museum and had to pay a cover charge of $10/person. It was a lovely museum, especially with the exhibits outdoors. However I do know art is personal (and to each their own), but I was not a fan of seeing basically garbage glued together as one of the exhibits. I have included a few photographs from the Nasher Sculpture Museum below for your amusement or enjoyment whatever that may be.

My Favorite! The Dallas Museum of Art

A. Eyck-Klemanski
A. Eyck-Klemanski www.artentwined.com Monet

Dallas Arts can be all-encompassing for sure but in my world, it was so accurately summed up at one location. That location was the DALLAS MUSEUM OF ART located at 1717 North Harwood St Dallas.

There was no cover charge to see the six floors of the museum, however, if you wish to see the special exhibits, then you would pay for those. Having never been there before, I decided to see the ‘free’ stuff first 😉 That turned into an amazingly wise choice!

I love studying the old masters and artists of old. To be able to view and closely study famous artists the likes of Claude Monet; Frederic Edwin Church; George Inness; Pierre-Auguste Renoir; Vincent Van Gogh; and Jean-Baptiste Greuze to name just a few was a dream for me. Looking closely at these treasures allowed my brain to envision how they manipulated their brushes to capture these visions of delight upon the surfaces. I found many other patrons lost in the story and scenes of these artworks; you could people watch at the same time as enjoying these priceless treasures!

Dallas Arts of All Varieties

The Dallas Museum of Art had six floors of treasures, there is so much to see for every connoisseur. I had the fortune of even seeing a mummy! Yes, a Mummy.

There were worldwide treasures to peruse, I truly recommend you travel to this delightful city, you will enjoy every moment!

I will add a few more random photos of my trip to Dallas TX for the Dallas Arts and your enjoyment my friends.

Thank you for listening, and looking and for your support of my art blog.

Big hugs!

~ Angela

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