Who the ‘H double hockey sticks’ am I?

Who the 'H double hockey sticks' are you? A blog about complimentary colors. Artentwined.com
Who the ‘H double hockey sticks’ am I? For those who can’t spell… that is ((HELL)).

Yes who the HELL am I? Great question!

I believe I now know what I am by comparing myself to the dynamics of ART.

Complementary Color

Who the ‘H double hockey sticks’ am I?

I believe I am a Complimentary Color.

For those who are new to the fundamentals of ART, Complementary colors are two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.

When they are placed next to each other they create the strongest showcase for each other.

However, when they are mixed together in equal parts they neutralize each other, basically reducing vibrancy and hue.

If they are mixed together in various amounts with more of one color than the other, the result is a ‘graying’ effect of the prominent color. For example, if it is 80% yellow pigment, by adding 20% of its complimentary color purple the result will be a less vibrant hue of yellow.

Therefore in my personal opinion, complementary colors are about balance. A balancing act that showcases both features either in equal parts; or teeter-totters to the point it favors one over the other, resulting perhaps in a slightly muted color.

How can this possibly correlate with a person or their attributes?

Who the ‘H double hockey sticks’ am I?
Complementary Color Wheel – Opposites Attract!

Complementary Color

You make the choice!

Who the ‘H double hockey sticks’ am I?

I am a many-faceted artist and person, with a mix of warm highlights and cool shadows. I like things tidy but I sure can make a mess!

My personality embraces the light, as I have endured some dark times over the years, which allows me to know and to choose to be happy even when I struggle with sadness. We all do this throughout our lives and make choices. It’s how we deal with it that helps ‘showcase’ what triumphs.

As an artist, you need to make the choice of whether you want to ‘showcase’ a color or subject in your art by choosing and, or placing a complementary color next to it.

Who the ‘H double hockey sticks’ am I?

I am an artist who forges ahead but procrastinates. A realist painter in an abstract world.

Undoubtedly we have no end of adjectives, both positive and negative; these ultimately being similar to complimentary colors per se.

Of course, art is subjective, and multi-faceted in many ways. There is no right or wrong.

All come together to make a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art or person.

Who the ‘H double hockey sticks’ am I? I now know more about whom I am and I discover more each day through artwork and self-study.

The question is “Who are you?”

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I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings and take away with you some positive aspects to carry you through your day. Check out my latest work on the easel!

Thank you, my friend! Now let’s paint!



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