Colors & Shapes That Make You Feel

The colors, shapes, and over all beauty that surrounds us, especially in Aruba are astounding.

Colors – Emotions…

Have you truly stopped to look around you at all that Nature? At Mother Earth? Truly look at what Creation has gifted each of us.

I had the pleasure of traveling to Aruba recently, maybe it’s the allure of somewhere new or something different. But truthfully it’s jaw-dropping how beautiful the variety of colors and shapes are and how they affect you.

Colors & Shapes to Inspire

How they make you feel especially… Do you feel calm? The peacefulness when looking at a body of water without much motion? Similarly the gentle lapping of the waves upon the shore?

Does your blood rush faster with the approaching storm? Or with the waves crashing on the rocks below? Comparatively, how do the grey, angry purple clouds looming above influence your emotion? Did you react with the sudden strike of a lightning bolt, awash in the blue-white light…

Do shapes inspire?

What about shapes? A knife’s sharp edge, or the circular ripples a drop of water in a bowl portray…

It is understandable why people paint abstract art, consequently if they are feeling the strong rush of adrenaline and emotion in each rush of color.

On a personal note, I prefer realism in a painting so that I can absorb each individual aspect of the artwork and form our own emotional bond.

Specifically, it amazes me how a good photograph can capture the moment in time; the joy or overall feeling it is intent on portraying. You only have to turn on your television or look online to see something that captures your eye; possibly your heart.

Enjoy my photography below, and as always I welcome your comments and views on how you feel looking at the beauty in each.

I can’t wait to Paint!

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Psyhcology behind Colors & Shapes



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