Studio Art Classes Learning to Paint with Oils

Join Angela Eyck-Klemanski, an award-winning artist, for a hands-on learning experience in painting. Unwind and create in a fun, supportive studio setting tailored for all skill levels. Enjoy weekly instruction, mentorship, and some much-needed "ME" time to develop your artistic skills. The opportunity to paint and relax in an enriching environment awaits you now!

Hands-on learning with Award-winning, international artist Angela Eyck-Klemanski will take you step-by-step to creating your artwork.

Dare to be Differrent 2

Studio Inspiration With Hands-on Learning

Need some “ME” time?

Would you like to unwind learning to paint in a fun, welcoming environment?

Would you like to create in an encouraging, energized place with like-minded people?

Aww Yeah!! Do it! Take some ME time and learn to Paint now!

a girl painting on the canvas
  • All skill levels welcome
  • Work at your pace
  • Weekly instruction in Studio
  • Mentorship with an experienced Artist & Instructor
It is your ME time NOW!