Bye Bye…

Bye Bye! Is art a thing of the past, especially living in an society of instant gratification? Trades and craftmanship is becoming a rarity.

Is Art A Dying Thing?

Bye Bye…?

Bye bye? Is art a dying thing? Something from the past, like excuse the pun but a dying art? Think about it.

How many people, artists if you will, have or take the time to perfect their craft?

Artists can, and do, pay attention to the detail; to the perfection of each stroke; cut; or the masterful application of the medium of their choice.

That have the TIME to do so. They have the inclination and self-control to commit and make it happen on their schedule, not someone else’s, whether it’s family or outside factors; certainly not social media timetable.


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Clients don’t want to wait. Media platforms have no inclination to ‘wait’ for more. It’s an instant civilization we live in now. If an artist cant produce in a timely manner according to this instant pot society… Bye Bye.

Face it we live in a society of NOW!

Photograph by A. Eyck-Klemanski

Bye Bye to all those time-consuming pieces of art. Now it’s digital ‘coloring’ for lack of a better word. Hey, who wants to spend days, weeks, months, and so on on a project, or create an individual morsel of artwork that only a few people truly value? A true craftsman is a rare commodity these days, same goes for tradesmen across the board.

Who am I to knock on someone’s work? Nobody. If you want to become the next best digital artist – hit a home run buddy!

action athletes ball barbed wires
Photo by Pixabay on

I am the type to explore my options too. Having tried most art forms over the years to ‘see’ what the appeal is and whether it is for me. Most do appeal and I continue them here and there. But nothing compares to putting the time and effort into a time-honored method with the end result being a masterpiece.

Oil Painting in Old Masters Style
‘Bahama Daze’ Copyright A. Eyck-Klemanski

What is the point of this?

What I am trying to impart is it’s okay to want things now, but don’t disregard the importance of patience in waiting and producing those memorable time-honored traditions that actually last years, possibly centuries.

Do not discount those of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn or William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Do not disregard those who use these time-honored techniques. Instead, embrace them right alongside the new and faster artists of the day.


You will not be disappointed.

Hugs and Happy Painting!

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  1. This looks really good, Angela. I have seen many of your paintings and they are truly beautiful. Good luck with the new venture.

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